In my work, I specialize in styling and refining both older bonsai and younger material. From developing raw stock  to refining an established bonsai, I strive to showcase the very best potential of each tree.  Bonsai is a long-term process, and I find that having a plan is essential to creating a great bonsai.   


Study Groups/Workshops/Demos

One of the things I do is travel to various clubs and conventions around the world to teach bonsai and work with students on their trees. I'm available for both workshops, demonstrations, and study groups. I enjoy teaching students the joy of creating bonsai over time, and watching & learning from their evolution.



I'm also available for critiques and consulting. Show critiques are an effective way to learn about bonsai display, which is a subject I care deeply about. Consulting about where to go with a specific bonsai, an entire collection, and garden design is another thing I enjoy doing for students and clients.